Jeep grand cherokee 2013 – Most Affordable SUV

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Most Affordable Midsize SUVs – Jeep grand Cherokee 2013:

Jeep grand Cherokee 2013 is one of the Most Affordable SUV and also the best off-Road SUV in 2013 SUV Ratings. This is the vehicle which maintains the standards since its first introduction into the market. It is the best SUV in the jeep category from the era of 90’s up till now. With the advancement of technology this vehicle is always provide its customers new features with comfort ability and reliability. It is an off road luxurious vehicle which make you feel like you are driving on a highway while driving off road. So it’s a fun loving vehicle for the adventurers who want the thrill and comfort ability at the same time. To compete with the other SUVs in the market Jeep company is always making the number of additions for the according to the customer reliance. For 2013 edition Jeep is not coming up with lot of up gradations because they are upgrading it in 2014 with diesel engine and eight – speed automatic transmission. They have some minor changes let’s have a look at that.


Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 – Interior and Exterior:

Unlike some other off road vehicles this SUV jeep has the luxurious interior with the updated exterior. In the starting models of this most affordable SUV it has the boxy looks which are the symbol of cross road vehicles but with the improvement of its model, now it is no blockier looking vehicle instead it looks pretty and sophisticated. When you see from the front side it has a large grille . Side view is smooth and pretty and gives a complete refined look. Its interior is really very beautiful with the touch of a luxurious vehicle. There is a large chunky steering placed in front of a driving seat which is not giving a good view then the controller is capped with the metallic-plastic term which is replaced to wooden trim in some editions. This SUV is provided with the car like interior which makes it comfortable and loveable. Seating is comfortable and seat covers are beautiful and made up of good material. The material used for making the interior will not repel your touch and make it smooth. Its interior is decorated with Napa leather.

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Special features in 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee:

Its special features lies in the beautiful and luxurious interior. Its tech features and entertainment options are awesome and help this SUV to stand in the line of luxurious SUV’s. It is the most advance vehicle with the provision of advanced digital utilities that are its “Touch” systems–the Flex, Explorer, Edge, and Lincoln MKT and MKX. Other features in audio entertainment like AM/FM/CD player, a USB port, and SiriusXM satellite radio. Power windows, mirror and power driver seat is installed to make the drive more exciting. Technologies of cruise control, push-button start, tilt steering wheel, and keyless entry are making it the user friendly vehicle. The best feature of this vehicle is the presence of Trail hawk which is best for off road driving it includes 18-inch off-road tires, an air suspension, off-road-tuned traction control for the better vehicle control and balancing. Grand Cherokee SRT8 is the standard and the important model of this SUV with its own exciting features. You can add the facilities of wireless and hotspot facility and connect it to the main screen in the vehicle through U-connect web. Bluetooth and navigation systems are also installed in it.

Performance of Affordable SUV 2013:

With the large capacity of passenger s it also shows the best performance in both off road and on road performance which is a distinguishing feature of this SUV from the other vehicles. From the bumpy and muddy roads to smooth and straight highways, it will always give you its best in performance with its powerful engine. Chrysler Company introduced this in SUV in different models which provide you with different choices in transmission, four-wheel-drive systems and even in steel-coil suspensions. If we see the standard engine feature then it has engine of 290HP with 3.6-litre V6. This engine is very good to run the vehicle smoothly without any noise. For towing problems it has HEMI which make it light weight while pulling the heavy loads. The main problem coming in this vehicle is the fuel consumption as its fuel efficiency is not and that is because of the five-speed automatic which should be replaced by eight-speed automatic which will not only increase the fuel efficiency but also make it more powerful.

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Best Off-Road and Safe SUV:

Now when moving to the safety then it is the safest vehicle especially off road because of its technology based features. It is also a high performer in the crash tests. Its rigid body and strong material is a great way of attracting safety conscious people with the taste of thrill. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarder it the good grades on safety. Air bags are fitted everywhere to minimize the injury chances. Electronic stability system is fitted to maintain the balance of the vehicle. Cameras are fitted to give you the complete view while moving and this also reduces the chances of accidents.

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