2013 Honda CR-V SUV Rankings

HONDA CR-V 2013 – Best Compact SUV’s

by admin on December 3, 2012

SUV Rankings – HONDA CR-V 2013:

2013 Honda CR-V is one of the best Compact SUV‘s in U.S.A. It is also in the top 3 most fuel efficient SUV‘s and most affordable SUV‘s in Compact SUV Rankings 2013. Honda is the leading company in the automobile industry. For the year 2013 as other automobile companies are taking out their new vehicles in the market so Honda is also introducing new vehicles with improved technology and customer comfort ability. Honda CR-V is the well known name in SUV’s especially in North America where it was the first SUV when introduced in 1995. From that year up till now this SUV is doing a great business in the market for a Honda that is also the reason because of which Honda is introducing its new additions with great changes every year. 2013 Honda CR-V is a great addition in the stock of Honda with exciting new features and customer comfort ability preferences. To compete with the other automobile companies this vehicle is equipped with modern and fuel efficient technologies along with passenger safety and high mechanical standards. Let’s have a look of what this new Honda CRV got for SUV lovers.

Exterior and Interior:

Exterior is beautifully designed but there is a very minor change in the existing last year design which was completely renewed in the 2012 edition. The slight change is in the spruced-up front and rear styling which makes it look smoother and better. There are some other changes which fulfill the safety requirements and other customer compliance like sitting arrangement is repositioned and roof is dropped down with the thinning of pillar width. This is making Honda CR-V better in strength and other mechanical properties but the beauty and looks are somehow dropped down as compared to its previous edition. If we talk about interior then as we always know that Honda custom is to make interior beautiful, luxurious and straight forward. Seating is comfortable and seat covers are beautiful and made up of good material. The changes they have made in this edition include removal of the chunky, overwrought-and-cluttered look of the larger Pilot. This SUV is provided with the car like interior which makes it comfortable and lovely. It is equipped with five-inch ‘I-MID’ trip computer and audio screen, with audio controls and climate controls below. So with all these features it shows itself as a family SUV.

Special features in a Special SUV:

Comfort and flexibility makes CRV one of the best family SUV. I-MID control screen makes it easy to control by a directional toggle on the steering wheel and displays everything on the screen. The best thing is for cell phone user is that these systems directly connects with your mobile and provide an easy way to text while driving. The screen is also able to show a cover photo and also a wallpaper of your own choice, turn by turn directions and a fuel economy screen. Another feature includes ten-way driver’s seat, heated front seats, automatic climate control, heated mirrors, and a higher-power (328-watt) audio system with sub woofer. The only minor problem is that Honda reserves navigation system and satellite radio for EX-L model.

Performance of 2013 Honda CR-V:

When we talk about the performance of this SUV , it has a five-speed automatic which is not comparable to most of the Honda vehicles with six-speed automatic transmission and direct-injection engines but that is not a big deal because it is represented as a family SUV so six speed automatic transmission is not its need. Its engine is a 2.4-liter I-VTEC in-line four-cylinder which makes it run smooth with very good power delivery and other power enhancing features. The Real Time AWD system is installed to run smoothly on the snow covered road and in the mud. It is a very fuel efficient vehicle with the maximum saving of power usage. It does not provide you an adventurous ride but if you are with family then you will completely enjoy its ride.

Best Fuel efficient SUV:

When we talk about the fuel efficiency, 2013 Honda CR-V is best and is most fuel efficient vehicles with a great engine performance. It saves the maximum power and uses it in a way to reduce the fuel consumption. The reason because of which it is fuel efficient is the gear ratios taller for the five-speed automatic transmission. It gives you the best fuel mileage. EPA ratings show that it gives 23 mpg in the city, 31mpg on highway with front-wheel drive and 22/30mpg with 4WD but if you are a regular driver of hilly areas then maybe it will not show its fuel efficiency quality. There is a green button on the dashboard by pressing which you will reduce your fuel consumption and can get even better mileage.

A Safe Compact SUV:

As far its safety is concerned it is very safe and best for the family usage. Its rigid body and strong material are a great way of attracting safety conscious families. It also has the best crash test ratings in the SUV class and the safest vehicle with strong body. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ranked it as no 1 safe vehicles. Air bags are fitted everywhere to minimize the injury chances. Electronic stability system is fitted to maintain the balance of the vehicle. Cameras are fitted to give you the complete view while moving and this also reduces the chances of accidents.

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