Honda 2012 CR-V Review Report

by admin on August 31, 2012

Honda 2012 CR-V Review:

If you want to buy a family oriented SUV then you are surely going to put 2012 Honda CR-V on your first preference. It is one of the most fuel efficient and most affordable SUVs in 2012. If you are a busy parent then this car can become a perfect choice for you. Honda has not changed a lot about this new redesigned Honda 2012 CR-V. It is one of the remarkable Compact SUV’s. It has all the capabilities and qualities which people can expect from a compact or small SUV. It gives the sense of a quiet drive and passengers or driver in the car may feel it as the car is not moving yet which the guarantee of its smooth and quiet drive.

Interior and Exterior:

The CR-V’s exterior is very stylish with a slightly evolved front of the car, it is more Accord like. It is equipped with modified positions of front seats for a more like car position. It has a very comfortable interior which fills the passengers with a sense of happiness and contention. It has a climate control system below the audio control system with audio screen above all and straightforward switch gear. It possesses a center between the seats which include cup holders, two storage compartments and a USB port. It is created by keeping in mind the conditions of safety and reliability so that passengers and drivers may feel safe and secure and may the ratio of life taking accidents may be decreased. It possesses two info screens, a rear-view camera, Bluetooth and the function which reads the incoming text messages from a paired cell phone. This function of CR-V can only communicate with two devices; blackberry and Droid X.

Honda Fuel Efficient SUV:

2012 Honda CR-V is one of the best fuel efficient compact SUV. Its gear ratios have been made taller this year for better fuel economy. It also possesses a flexible engine. EPA fuel economy ratings are at 23 mpg city, 31 highways with front wheel drive and 22/30 with four wheel drive is making is a high mileage four wheel drive vehicle.

2012 Honda CR-V – A Five Passenger SUV:

It is a five passenger vehicle with great seating comfort. It has greater cargo capacity. A side cargo net is also included and above get a removable cargo cover. It can be driven as a car but has the qualities of a big cargo room and almost same like a sport utility vehicle.

Competitors of 2012 Honda CR-V:

The top competitors of 2012 Honda CR-V includes; Kia Sportage, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Equinox, Toyota RAV 4, Mazda 5, Subaru Forester etc.

Thus 2012 Honda CR-V is considered to be a luxurious and family oriented kind of Compact SUV. Within a very short span of life, 2012 Honda CR-V has gained popularity among the consumers due to its safety and reliability conditions and great comfort level. The Honda CR-V is quite same as its previous model but there is an addition of modified design and features. Its functions and features are quite satisfying with a couple of drawbacks e.g. Its speed for sticking with five. Honda’s answer to this reply was, “Our five is damn good. The customers wanted efficiency gains—we gave them efficiency gains.”

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