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Fuel Efficient SUV – Ford Escape 2013

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Top Ranking SUV Ford Escape 2013:

Ford Escape 2013 is one of the most affordable SUV, the best fuel efficient SUV and among the best compact SUV‘s in SUV rankings. It can be rated the best 2013 SUV due to its achievements.

For the year 2013, Automobile companies are presenting new models of products in the market with latest features. Latest Ford escape 2013 is a wonderful addition in the competitive compact SUV market because of its whole new look and many changes from its previous version. It’s a crossover SUV’s and very changed form of Ford escape 2012 model. As the 2012 Ford Escape proved to be the best Compact SUV and outsold other small SUV’s like CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 in Europe so this time Ford decided to change it completely to get going with the high rating for the 2013 SUVs too. It is a top ranked fuel efficient SUV having great comfort ability and other customer compliance features. Lets have a look at its specs and additions.

Important Features:

Ford has improved Escape in every manner and introduced it in a market with reasonable price to compete with the SUV’s of other companies. Fully decorated with the leather interior, panoramic sunroof and installed Sony sound system adds so much in the value of Ford Escape 2013. It now has most of the new equipment which were not there when its former model was introduced in the market. The boxy look of ford escape is now gone in 2013 addition and it is now curvy, beautiful crossover Compact SUV. My ford touch system is also introduced in this small SUV to take over the different operational systems in it. The best navigation system, remote start, HD radio, hands-free lift gate, a towing package, an active park assist, 18-inch wheels,  and above all the most powerful Eco Boost engine and AWD.

Performance of this Fuel Efficient SUV:

Performance of this crossover SUV is magnificent. It consists of max 240 horse powers with the good fuel economy which is the best part of this most fuel efficient SUV. The fuel capacity is 15.1 gal. It is basically offered in four levels. The base level is S escape which carries the engine type of 2.5-liter four-cylinder, 168 horse power coupled to the same six-speed automatic found in all other 2013 Escapes additions. When you move over to the SE and SEL addition it enjoys 178 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. Engines block material and cylinder head material is of aluminum. Fuel delivery is through Sequential multi-port electronic fuel injection and direct injection which deals with the fuel efficiency. So overall it’s a powerful with maximum fuel efficiency. Also see 2012 Ford Escape Review for comparison purposes.

Exterior and Interior

If we talk about the exterior of Ford’s 2013 Escape SUV, the best thing you will get from it is the complete change of its shape that harshly looking shape is now transformed into a stylish and athletic crossover. Only looks of the vehicle is not changed, there is also a change in the material of the exterior. It is now a streamlined even a bit of the long-nose with the proportion of a good sport sedan. It is now looks like a new technology adapted SUV with the comfort ability of traveling off road. It is a 4×4 drive with the height of 66.3 inch and width of 81.8 inch. Front size is 61.5 inch and Rear size is 61.6 inch with the estimated base curb weight of 3,502 lbs.

The interior of the vehicle is built with high quality material and it meets the technological advancements and safety feature of today. Pillar and the dashboard is thick, and dashboard is wide which is a better addition as this thing lacks in many of the modern SUV’s . It has the seating capacity for five people . The seats of the front rows are wide with the leg room of 43.1 inch, Hip room of 54.8 and  head room of 54.8 inch. Measurements of back seats are 39.0 inch for Head room. 36.8 inch for leg room and 52.4 inch for hip room. These seats are made up of high quality leather. The audio and the climate control options are placed in the center with the air vents on the sides of the dashboard. There is another air vent beneath the LCD placed there to cool the climate control and knee cap.


Safety ratings of 2013 Ford Escape SUV are quite high because of the introduction of the new technology. Its standard safety feature includes dual front, side, and curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control; and Ford’s MyKey system. It has a special feature of limiting volume, speed and other functions which are very useful for young drivers. Standard curve control limits the distribution of power to all four tires equally. It is also equipped with front and rear parking sensors, a rear view camera and an electric power steering for better parking view.


Ford Escape 2013 is a very elegant vehicle with powerful features and up gradations. It is the most fuel efficient SUV with powerful engine which goes with the beautiful looks of exterior and interior. The advanced features are aided with the beauty and boldness. So overall this top rated Compact SUV is best SUV for the money for a comfortable but powerful drive.

Lexus RX450h is also another 2013 fuel efficient SUV in the market having 3.5 liter V6 engine with HP almost 300 and its also one of the best Hybrid SUVs.

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