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Top 3 Compact SUV’s in 2014 SUV Rankings

by Sohail on June 13, 2013

2014 SUV Rankings for Compact SUV’s:

We are here with the Top 3 compact SUVs for 2014 SUV Rankings. Compact SUV is the sport utility vehicle that lies in between the Medium size SUV and small size SUV in size. It is mostly available in 2 and 4 doors models and considered as very suitable vehicle for family use. These Compact size SUVS are used for off-road and on road drives and also have great towing capabilities that’s why they are mostly preferred over medium and small size SUVS. Due to large amount of interest of customers in these SUVS every automobile company is trying to build a variety of compact SUV. As the year 2014 is coming so automobile companies are unveiling their elegant SUV for this category to compete for the new SUV Rankings. Let’s have a look at the TOP 3 compact suvs of 2014 SUV Rankings designed by experts with short reviews.

Top Compact Size SUV – 2013 Ford Escape:


As the 2012 model of escape outsold Honda CR-V 2013 and the Toyota RAV4 in Europe so this time Ford decided to change it completely to get going with the high rating for the 2013 too. Ford improves it in every manner and placed it in market with economical prices to keep their suv at the top spot in 2013 and 2014 SUV Rankings. From its interior to its engine everything is perfect and best for the family as well as adventure use. Its interior is totally upgraded and the boxy look of ford escape is now gone in 2013 addition and it is now curvy, beautiful crossover.

My ford touch system is also introduced in this crossover to take over the different operational systems in it. The best navigation system ,HD radio; remote start; hands-free lift gate; active park assist; 18-inch wheels; a towing package; and above all the most powerful EcoBoost engine and all-wheel drive. Performance of this crossover suv is magnificent. It consists of max 240 horse power with the good fuel economy which is the best part of this vehicle. The fuel capacity is 15.1 gal. It is basically offered in four levels. The base level is S escape which carries the engine type of 2.5-liter four-cylinder, 168 horse power coupled to the same six-speed automatic found in all other 2013 Escapes additions. Safety ratings of this suv are quite high because of the introduction of the new technology. Its standard safety features includes dual front, side, and curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control; and Ford’s MyKey system. It has a powerful engine with maximum fuel economy which goes with the beautiful looks of exterior and interior.

2nd Best Compact SUV in 2014 SUV Rankings:

2013 Toyota RAV4 GX (optional alloy wheels shown)

On number 2 we have 2013 Toyota RAV4 in 2014 SUV Rankings for best compact SUV’s. We ranked it number two after analyzing several reviews and test drives. It is mostly favored by the people due to its powerful features and good cargo space. It can carry tons of cargo with a very powerful 176 horsepower engine and provides you comfortable seating options. It is 2 inch shorter than its previous model 2012 Toyota RAV4 but more dashing and well equipped. Interior of this Compact size SUV is really nice with advancements and newly upgraded entertainment features that include AM/FM/CD player controlled through a 6.1-inch LCD touch screen; XLE adds dual-zone automatic climate control, navigation system with Entune app connectivity, satellite radio, JBL audio system with 576 watts of power and 11 speakers. When we talk about its engine performance it’s pretty good with the capability of 2.5-liter and 176 horsepower. The efficiency is upgraded with the supply of six-speed automatic gear which helps to move the vehicle easily and lightly. 2013 Toyota RAV4 is a four wheel drive vehicle with advance and dynamic torque control system. This Compact size SUV provide you the best mileage of 24mpg which is quite good in this category. So with these technological upgrades and increased efficiency features it is the 2nd best compact SUV.

2013 Chevrolet Equinox in Top 3 Compact SUV’s:

2013 2014 suv rankings

2013 Chevrolet equinox is the 3rd best compact 2013-2014 suv Rankings and sold like hot cake in the year 2012 and gave much profit to the company. It is considered as best selling suv in 2012 that is because of its compatibility for families with the taste of luxurious SUV’s at affordable prices. Its exterior is very elegant and advanced with the improvement of outer design. This time it is introduced with the sportier and luxurious styling. Its interior is designed with beauty and dashboard is designed elegantly with the clear and beautiful glass features. Seats are wide and comfortable with the very large leg room and hip room to make assure that passenger travel with great comfort ability. For the convenience of the customers company introduced different features in the vehicle that are cruise control, front console with storage, front and rear cup holders, front and rear door pockets and retained accessory power. Steering is telescopic and easily tilt able with the option of audio control and cruise control on the steering.

The special specs introduced in this SUV are hands free calling, roadside assistance, concierge service, destination download and destination guidance. This vehicle is best compact SUV if you are looking for extra power, this vehicle should be your preferred choice. It has the best V6 engine in its class which is very powerful as compared to other SUV’s in Top 5 Compact SUVs in 2013, 2014 SUV Rankings. This 301 hp of engine with the torque of 272 foot pounds provides you the best engine efficiency. 2013 Chevrolet Equinox is also one of the best fuel efficient vehicle in its class. It is provided with the 4 cylinder engine that also has the option of echo which also has a role in saving the fuel and increasing the fuel efficiency. This vehicle is best for Compact size SUV lovers and fantastic ride due to its engine features and beautiful looks.

This is all for 2014 SUV Rankings for top 3 Compact SUV’s. Please leave your feedback in comments.

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